Monday, April 21, 2008

English 304 Advise

Here is a list of pointers that I recommend you take into consideration when taking English 304 - Second Life Edition:

1. Make sure you have good equipment to run the SL program - if you are like me and have a terrible, 3 year old computer, I recommend checking out a laptop from the Cooper Library for free.

2. Write down the 'To-Do Lists' that are provided each week. If you write this down on paper and look at it daily, you will always know what's due. It's tough to remember if you don't write it down.

3. Don't talk to anyone on Second Life that you don't know....... there are a lot of sketchy people out there.

4. Make friends with people in your class. It makes it easier to get work done, keep up with work, and to succeed.

5. KEEP UP WITH YOUR WORK. This is one piece of advice I wished I had kept in mind. Once you get behind it is very hard to catch up especially if you are already juggling a full load of classes. If you do get behind, don't panic but do continue to try to catch back up.

6. Don't be discouraged. Second Life is not easy - learning in a chat room is not easy, but if you stay focused and don't try to multi task, I feel you will be able to understand and keep up.

7. Do your best. No matter what, always strive to do you best work. Always participate and try to learn. This class covers a lot of information that is pertinent to your success in the real world.

I hope that you enjoy the class and have fun!

Darfur, Sudan

You may have heard of Darfur, Sudan - you might be able to pick it out on a map, but if you're like me - you may not have done a lot of research or dedicated a great deal of time learning about Darfur and the situation there. The information I found was frankly astonishing. The genocide, the destruction, and blatant disregard for the well being of human beings simply blew my mind. There is so much going on there that my mind could not even fathom could take place.
I now have a greater understanding of the situation in Darfur and I recommend you take a deeper look into whats going on.
Here is a link to a PBS documentary on Darfur - I encourage you to take some time and watch it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

corporate ethics

A person's ethics are directly derived from their character. Of course not everyone in a company can have excellent character, nor can everyone in a company have impeccable ethical judgment at all times. Ethical lapses happen, its a part of business. It was very interesting to read about how these lapse cause friction and distractions that negatively impact the company. This is definitely not good for business, but it is a very valuable piece of information to know, especially as we young professionals begin to venture into the business world.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Writing: Paper or No Paper?

As our culture continues to evolve with the advancements of technology and communication, we are discovering a change in the way writing is done. Now of course there will always be newspapers, there will always be magazines, and there will always be books; however, in recent years, the production of all these in-print writings have declined. Is this due to the ever developing 'I want it NOW' mentality of our society? Are these in-print media sources being made available online? Will there be a need for printed writing in the future? These are all very important questions that don't necessarily have a clear answer, but they all address a critical idea - Which a better way of writing: Paper or No Paper?

Writing done on paper is concrete. It takes time. It cannot simply be edited, erased, or deleted; however, it cannot be simply distributed to the masses either. Writing done on paper is the staple for history - it has been used to document, enlighten, educate, enforce, and communicate. All these things can also be accomplished by writing not done on paper, but there is something about reading from paper and not a screen that comforts, that lets you know it won't change or go anywhere.

Writing not done on paper is flexible. It takes little time. It can be simply edited, erased, and distributed. Although writing not done on paper is a relatively new concept, it can adjust and accomplish the same objectives writing done on paper has accomplished. More and more, writing done on paper is being transferred to non-paper sources. This is a very exciting process; however, if not done correctly much of the meaning of the writing could be lost. It is important to duplicate every aspect of the writing minus the paper. If this can be successfully done, the opportunities and benefits of non-paper writing are immeasurable.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


In under two weeks, arguably the most important golf tournament in the world will be held in Augusta, GA. This tournament is known round the world as The Master's Tournament. As the first major golf tournament of the year, all the tour's best players are practicing and preparing for this important week. However, the players aren't the only ones 'preparing' for the tournament.

Golf patrons from all over the world come to visit the Augusta National this week in April. Due to the prestige and high regard of the tournament, tickets are scarce and patrons will do almost anything to acquire a badge.

Thankfully, my dad gets week-long badges each year. I have had the privilege to experience this tournament for several years now, and I have developed a deep love and passion for this place and tournament. The times spent here have allowed my father, my brother, and me to further deepen and develop our friendships and relationships. We all have very fond memories of the Augusta National and the Master's Tournament.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lying on Resume = Not Cool/Not Awesome

The main part of this article that 'popped' out at me was the statistics from Steven D. Levitt's study that posed that 50% of people lie on their resumes. This stat simply blew my mind. Integrity is a very valuable possession in all aspects of life. Especially in the business world as transactions, relationships, and pretty much all business is dependent on a person's integrity. If someone can't even be honest on their resume, what makes you think they could be honest about anything else.
That being said, I feel a resume is a shiny 'nugget' of ones abilities and accomplishments. Employers know you have worked very hard to succeed and make it to the point of applying for a job. There is absolutely no need to lie on a resume. If you are qualified for the job and the company is ready, you will get the job. The pros greatly out way the cons when it comes to lying on a resume. Just don't do it!

SL Business

Our Business Goal = Create Money (linden) Making Machine


The goal of our business is not to make money; rather, our goal is to provide a service that facilitates happiness and enjoyment. Of course monetary support is a necessity of every business, in this life or SL, but it is not the focus or driving force of this organization. The service we will provide is simple - organizing events on SL. These events will include anything from golf tournaments to mountain bike races to skate park competitions - basically any sort of recreational activity. To house these events, we will of course need locations. Cooperation and negotiation will be needed to be done with owners of the golf courses, mountain bike courses, skate parks, and alike. The owners will surely be willing to cooperate as the events will bring in Second Lifer after Second Lifer, which leads to Linden after Linden in revenue. Our revenue will mainly come from Sponsors who, well, sponsor the events. This is a great source of advertising and good publicity. The participants will also be charged a small entry fee to compete in the event.
Please note that these ideas, goals, and plans are just in the beginning stages. We hope to have bigger and better aspirations in the future. This is also copywritten, please don't steal.